Monday, May 27, 2019

Summer Preset Pack

Hi Babes! I have created 6 different presets that I have made that I use throughout my Instagram page. Each one of them varies in color, effect, etc. Please note that every photo and lighting situation is different and you might have to adjust each one based on that. All of these photos were shot on my iPhone. If you are using a camera, I recommend that you shoot RAW. Otherwise the presets will not edit as they look below. Natural light is key when taking photos but if you are taking them in direct sunlight, your photos will turn out a little harsh.

My preset pack includes a video on how to download the mobile presets onto your photo + how to use the presets on your photos.

Make sure to tag me and #SaraGailPresets on Instagram for a chance to be featured! I can't wait to see all of your pictures.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No Refunds will be given because this is a digital product. When you purchase these presets, no refund will be given.

My SUMMER preset pack is here!

These six presets are personally curated by me to enhance summer colors and give your pictures that flawless clean Summer pop.

The "Poolside" preset works best when the picture is taken in the shade with bright blue water or blue sky in the background. This is the perfect preset by the pool, beach or on a tropical vacation. As you can see, I did edit out the white drains in the pool but this was not done with the preset or in the lightroom app.

The "Lemon" preset is meant to highlight and bring out the bright sunny atmosphere without over-saturating the background. Most of my presets eliminate yellow tones, where this one offers a highlight of yellow.

The "Sunshine"was taken in the shade, but I was facing direct sunlight and surrounded by buildings. I created this preset to give skin a natural glow from the sun and help highlight a bright airy feel. This preset is not set as bright as others are and have a little more black tone in it.

The "Arizona" was taken in the middle of the day in the shade. I was facing the direct sunlight to get the natural light. This preset adds a little tan + enhances colors.

The "Blush" presets really enhances those pink tones. This one adds sharpness and makes the photo fun and bright.

The "Cactus" has a pop of green in it. It removes yellow tones + adds a fun green color to the plants. This preset was used on a photo in the shade but right next to direct sunlight.

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