Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Best of Baby at Walmart

Happy Tuesday! We are still on baby watch over here. I am officially 2cm dilated and 50% effaced as of last Thursday. I never dilated at all with Blakely (I was induced and walked in at 0 cm)  so I feel a little anxious with some sort of progress. She can really come at any minute if she wanted to. Hopefully sooner rather than later! I honestly can't believe that I have kept her name from you all for this long. I am the worst at keeping surprises. It was so fun for all of you to try and guess her name. Only one person guessed it right. I didn't think her name was that different, but maybe it is?! Anyways, I will keep you guys updated if anything happens. We are so excited to meet our second baby girl, soon!

September is Walmart's semi-annual event, Best of Baby! There are over 700 baby deals online and I picked out all of the best ones for you! As we are patiently waiting for baby girl to arrive,  I grabbed a few last-minute items that we needed from Walmart last night.  I mean.... the deals were too good to pass up! One thing that I am unsure that we will need yet, but have heard great things about is the Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser. Not only is it on sale, but you also get a $50 Walmart eGift card! If you are in need of anything from strollers, car seats, bottle warmers, highchairs, or even the mamaRoo, I highly recommend Walmart's Best of Baby deals. I've linked all of my favorites below for you to shop! Make sure to check out all of Walmarts Best of Baby deals here.

Hope you all have a great rest of your week!! 

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Baby Countdown! Walmart Baby Registry

I can't believe next month is baby month! We are so excited to meet this sweet girl. Even though I have quite a few things from Blakely I still feel like I need so many baby items before baby's arrival. I went to the doctor yesterday and baby girl is measuring a week ahead. I have a feeling she will come a little early but I have felt that all along. Ready or not.. its time to get all the baby things I need before she arrives! 
Walmart has a huge baby section online with SO many big brand items like DocATot, UPPAbaby, 4moms and so much more. I will also be breastfeeding again so I made sure to include the Medela pump + a few other nursing necessities like nursing pads and Lansinoh 3-1 breast therapy pack (must have). The boppy (which I also linked below) is also a must-have if you are nursing or not. It's not nice having that support in your lap when you are feeding. I also included some important ones that I did not think of right away when I had Blakely and wished that I had such as, Frida Baby (must-have products for nails and nose products) I linked a great starter kit below! I have also heard SO many great things about the DocATot so I had to include that on my Walmart baby registry

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Friday, August 9, 2019

Gordmans - No Kid Hungry

Happy Friday Loves! This week flew by! Not complaining though ;) I love when that happens!

I am so excited because I have teamed up with Gordmans this month to help bring awareness and raise money for the No Kid Hungry® organization. Gordmans is an off-price retailer. You can find so many great from department stores at reduced prices! I always love shopping at Gordmans for that reason!

 Did you know that 13 million kids struggle with hunger and 22 million students rely on free or reduced-price school lunches? Gordmans will have exclusive designed Back To School products and 50% of each sale will be donated to No Kid Hungry®. You can also show your support online by posting a photo on your Instagram feed and using hashtag #FuelKidsFutures and Gordmans will donate $1 to No Kid Hungry® organization.

If you would like to find out more information about the No Kid Hungry® 
simply click here

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

I am so excited that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! I get so excited every year... but this year is even more exciting for me. I finally live near a Nordstrom! I finally get to shop in store, which is so exciting. I can't wait to see everything in person and shop for all of the best finds for you. The Nordstrom sale a ton of Fall items all ON SALE!! Even though it is still super hot outside it's a great time to stock up on Fall stamples like jeans, booties, sweaters, and jackets. I broke everything down by category to make shopping the sale super easy for you guys! 

Important Dates:

Anniversary Sale Early Acsess (card members only) July 12th- 18th.

Public Access (open to everyone) July 19th-August 4th.

Shop Here: Top ($25.90)  Bottoms ($15.90) 

Shop HereDress ($45.90) Shoes ($46.90)

Shop HereDress ($38.90) Hat ($58.90)

Shop Here: Lounge Top ($25.90) Bottoms ($18.90) or Jogger style ($25.90)

Shop Here: Camo Top ($31.90) Jeans ($51.90)

Shop Here: Top ($44.90) Jeans  ($51.90)

Shop Here: Free People Top ($44.90) Cami ($25.90)

Shop Here: The softet blanket EVER! ($119.90) comes in a few differnt colors. I went with the cream color.

Shop Here: Dress ($45.90) Hat ($38.90)

Shop Here:  Free People Top ($44.90) Free People Jeans ($51.90) Hat ($38.90)

Women's Fashion

Shop The Post Here:

Athletic Wear

Shop The Post Here:


Shop The Post Here:


Shop The Post Here:

Monday, May 27, 2019

Summer Preset Pack

Hi Babes! I have created 6 different presets that I have made that I use throughout my Instagram page. Each one of them varies in color, effect, etc. Please note that every photo and lighting situation is different and you might have to adjust each one based on that. All of these photos were shot on my iPhone. If you are using a camera, I recommend that you shoot RAW. Otherwise the presets will not edit as they look below. Natural light is key when taking photos but if you are taking them in direct sunlight, your photos will turn out a little harsh.

My preset pack includes a video on how to download the mobile presets onto your photo + how to use the presets on your photos.

Make sure to tag me and #SaraGailPresets on Instagram for a chance to be featured! I can't wait to see all of your pictures.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No Refunds will be given because this is a digital product. When you purchase these presets, no refund will be given.

My SUMMER preset pack is here!

These six presets are personally curated by me to enhance summer colors and give your pictures that flawless clean Summer pop.

The "Poolside" preset works best when the picture is taken in the shade with bright blue water or blue sky in the background. This is the perfect preset by the pool, beach or on a tropical vacation. As you can see, I did edit out the white drains in the pool but this was not done with the preset or in the lightroom app.

The "Lemon" preset is meant to highlight and bring out the bright sunny atmosphere without over-saturating the background. Most of my presets eliminate yellow tones, where this one offers a highlight of yellow.

The "Sunshine"was taken in the shade, but I was facing direct sunlight and surrounded by buildings. I created this preset to give skin a natural glow from the sun and help highlight a bright airy feel. This preset is not set as bright as others are and have a little more black tone in it.

The "Arizona" was taken in the middle of the day in the shade. I was facing the direct sunlight to get the natural light. This preset adds a little tan + enhances colors.

The "Blush" presets really enhances those pink tones. This one adds sharpness and makes the photo fun and bright.

The "Cactus" has a pop of green in it. It removes yellow tones + adds a fun green color to the plants. This preset was used on a photo in the shade but right next to direct sunlight.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Summer Fashion Finds From Gordmans

Before we left Nebraska, I grabbed a couple things from Gormans  for the most affordable prices. I am loving this black jumpsuit while being pregnant and that fact that I can wear it after baby as well. I love the crop fit. Especailly for us petite girls where jumpsuits can be a struggle. I also grabbed the cutest kimono for the pool. Gordmans had quite the selecition of Summer acessoeies for I also snagged these sunnies and pool hat which totally made the whole look.

Gordmans has a wide selcetion of clothing from Athletic wear, work wear, casual, and different styles for going out. When I was shopping around I noticed some of the brands that they carried such as Express and that prices were unreal! Gordmans is such a great place to find cute styles all at affordable prices.

I have teamed up with Gordmans during the month of April to help raise money for the American Heart Association. If you post a photo on Instagram and use the hashtag #GetPumpedForHeartHealth Gordmans will donate $1 to the American Heart Association. Make sure to head to your local gormans to get some of these looks + so much more!

Click here to find a Gormans near you!!

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Sunday, March 3, 2019

I Got It At Gordmans

Spring is almost here and I'm officially in Spring clean mode! I don't know about you, but I love a fresh start to a new season. It always gets me in the mood to find some new home decor and freshen the house up with new decorations. I went to Gordmans the other day and found the BEST stuff all at such affordable prices!! We really needed something to fill our wall space in our living room. I have seriously been on the hunt forever! I finally found two wall hangings at Gordmans! Not only are they the perfect size for the space that we needed to fill, but they are also a clean neutral color for spring. I decided to go with all bright and neutral colors so that I can mix the decor into different seasons. They are super heavy duty and were only $39.99! I couldn't believe it when I saw that price tag.

 That is my favorite part about Gordmans. Everything is so affordable and still great quality. Gordmans offers almost everything at a discounted rate which is so nice when shopping on a budget.
 I also needed something for our coffee table. It literally had nothing on it so it needed a little something. I found two perfect vases. I mixed textures, colors, and sizes for the vases. It turned out perfect.

If you have not seen my IG stories yet, head there now! I also showed a few other things that I got including a new rug for our back door and some cute bins for Blakely's room. I was honestly shocked by how amazing Gordmans selection was when I went in there the other day. Gordmans carries everything from home decor, clothes, toys, pet essentials, you name it, they have it! 

If you are looking to Spring clean and brighten up your home, I highly recommend heading to Gordmans to do so. 

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

My Skincare Routine with Tula

Bye, Bye Acne! Hello, Clear Skin!

If you are looking for a skincare line that will change your skin, Tula is the one! Tula is a probiotic skincare line. What does that mean? Probiotics are good bacteria that are naturally found in our bodies. Applying probiotics to your skin helps promote hydrated clear skin. We all want that beautiful, glowing, and clear skin. Tula is what has helped me. Don't get me wrong, my skin still has breakouts here and there, but it has helped my acne and overall appearance of my face.

Before Tula, I wasn't using the right products for my skin. Tula is for all skin types and they have a variety of different products based on your needs. If you are new to Tula but don't want to splurge on full-size bottles, Tula offers travel sizes and starter kits. I also have a 20% off discount code for you all to use! You can get 20% off of your ENTIRE purchase with my code SARAGAIL.

You can shop the starter kits here! There is a variety to choose from based on what you are looking for. You can also shop their value kits here if you are wanting more than one product. 

5 of my must-have Tula products

1. Cleanser - The cleanser is my favorite product from Tula. It is a really soft texture and leaves your skin feeling so fresh and clean. It is a probiotic cleanser that is for all skin types. It cleans deep into your pores without stripping the good bacteria off of your skin. I have been using Tula for about a year now and absolutely love their whole line.

2. Day and Night Cream (Moisturizer) - LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. It's not too heavy and gives you the perfect about of moisture. I religiously use this morning and night!

3. Glow and Get It Cooling Eye Balm- This is Tula's newest product and you guys... it's amazing! I love the cooling effect it gives. It has caffeine to help de-puff, brighten, and fill in those fine lines. I love that it is small and compact for travel or to keep in your purse. You can apply it over your makeup throughout the day if you need to. I kind of gives a "highlight" look under your eyes. I really love the new glow and get it eye balm.

4. Exfoliating Face Mask - It's important for you to exfoliate your skin 1-2x a week to get all of the dead skin off so that your products can really soak into your skin. I feel like this mask is kind of a 2 in 1. You get a mask and you get to exfoliate your skin at the same time. When this mask drys it gives your face a stiff feeling which helps tighten your skin.

5. Pro-Glycolic Toner-  This toner helps with the overall look of your skin. It helps to exfoliate the skin and leave it hydrated and even. I just a little bit on a cotton swab after washing my face and before my moisturizer.

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