Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Conair True Glow Glam

Happy Wednesday Babes! Hope your week has been good so far! Today, I am talking all about Conair's True Glow Beauty tools. I have been using the Conair vibrating makeup blender, brush, and heated eyelash curler. I am always about flawless skin and these Conair tools help me achieve that kind of makeup look.

Vibrating Makeup Blender - What does the vibration do? The Vibration helps to have a smooth and even application. I know this can be hard sometimes to make everything look even and this has helped so much. I also love that it has a standing base so that it can stand up without having to get all over everything in my makeup bag. The blender is super soft and helps give a natural glowing look that everyone wants to achieve when applying makeup.  SHOP HERE

Vibrating Makeup Brush - I use this to apply my powder. The vibration helps evenly disperse the powder throughout my face for an airbrushed flawless finish to my makeup. The brush comes with two heads. One for powder and the other for your foundation. I love my multipurpose vibration brush + it is super easy to clean. SHOP HERE

Heated Eyelash Curler - This is the perfect tool for on the go touchups. The heated eyelash curler instantly adds lift and volume to your lashes. This gives an awaking effect to your eyes. I love that it is super small, lightweight, and perfect for travel. The heated eyelash curler is so easy to use and a must-have for every girl! SHOP HERE

Thermal Paraffin Bath Moisturizing System -  The paraffin is a heated wax treatment. This is  THE best during these cold months. I dip my hands in the melted wax and it leaves my hands feeling so moisturized, smooth, and softens my skin. You can also dip your elbows and heels as well. I normally do this on nights that I take a bath, do a face mask. I give myself a mini spa night at home which is kind of fun! The wax takes about 90 minutes to melt so you have to plan before using it. After I dip my hands, I leave it on for a couple of minutes for it to completely dry. I then peel the wax off (my favorite part) and toss the wax. After, my hands feel baby soft. I absolutely love the paraffin. I think also think this would make a great gift for the holidays. SHOP HERE

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