Tuesday, October 2, 2018

My Current Skincare Routine

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I have gotten a ton of skin care questions lately, so I thought that making a blog post on it would be the easiest way to talk about it all. I have struggled with acne for a while now. I still do not have perfect skin but it is so much better ever since I started using a few different things.

1. Cleanser - I am OBSESSED with the Tula Cleanser. It is a probiotic gel cleanser that cleans deep into your pores. This cleanser is good for all skin types which is amazing. One of my favorite things about this cleanser is that it also removes your makeup. This is a 2 in 1 more me which means less money spent. I used to have to buy makeup remover once a month and now all I have to buy is this one product. You can use code saragail for a discount

2. Face Oil - I have really dry skin so I use an oil to help hydrate throughout the day. I use one or two drops at night before I put on my moisturizer. I have really dry skin so I feel like my face requires oil. Before I started using oil on my face, I was breaking out all of the time with big oil pimples. My skin was so dry that it was causing me to break out. This is the face oil that I am using right now.

3. Face Lotion - I also use the Tula day and night cream. It is a probiotic moisturizer that hydrates and is not too thick. It is perfect for all skin types. You can use for saragail for a discount.

4. Hydrating Face Mask - I do use a few face masks but this one is one that I use all of the time. It is hydrating and you can leave on. It just soaks right into your skin and you do not have to wash it off. This is one that is in my regular skin care routine all though I do try new masks all of the time.

5. Dermaflash - I LOVE this tool. I was really nervous when I bought it because some of these tools can be a waste of money but the Dermaflash is BOMB! If you get dermaplanning done and love it, then I highly recommend investing in this tool I was spending $80 a month on dermaplaning and now I have my own tool and use it about every three weeks. The dermaflash removes peach fuzz and dead skin off of your face. After you use the dermaflash, your face feels so soft and smooth + your makeup goes on way better. I truly love this tool so much.

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