Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Happiest Place On Earth

I can't even put into words how amazing Disneyland is. There is no place like Disney and it just made our whole year seeing Blakely in such awww over everything. Everything was so cool and exciting for her to look at.
Taking pictures with a toddler is nearly impossible and then you add all the excitement around which made it even harder but we got a few that we will cherish forever. It was such a great experience and we made memories that we will never forget. The first couple days in California consisted of a lot of traveling which Blakely did really well with but she was not about the California traffic in the car (and neither was I).  We felt so bad that she was upset but we felt like we redeemed ourselves as parents after we brought her to Disney (or atleast we hope so). I mean we totally made up for it... right!?!
We got to see the Pixar parade which was probably one of our favorites to see. It was good and so entertaining. Before we went on the trip I was really nervous that she was going to be too little to do anything but there really was so much for her to do and ride. Although she probably won't remember her experience, we are excited to bring her back once we have another baby one day. The memories that we made at Disney will forever be one of my favorites.

Outfit Details:
 Our Mickey ears are from The Day Dream Republic
(she has so many options to choose from)

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