Thursday, January 4, 2018

Makeup Products That I Love

I get a ton of questions about my makeup, so I figured I would start off with a blog post. I LOVE makeup. It is always so fun to try new products. Today I am sharing my favorites of what I have tried so far and what works for me. I am not a makeup artist or professional but I love having fun with makeup.

I feel that foundation is the most important part of a makeup routine. It creates the first layer, and it's important for it to feel good on your skin. I have tried a lot of different foundations and nothing compares to the Chanel CC cream. It is full coverage but does not feel or look cakey. I use the CC cream year round. It also has 50 SPF in it so it protects your skin from the sun.

I finally caved in and tried the Tarte shape tape concealer. It lives up to the hype. It is a good product, and easy to blend in. I top it with the Laura Mercier translucent powder to set it. I don't wear concealer every day unless I am shooting photos or going out (which is never... because... #momlife).

When it comes to lips, I love exploring new colors. I have an addiction to a few things. Lipstick is one of them. Putting on lipstick just completes the look and brightens your entire face. It is also so fun to match colors to your outfit. I love wearing red during the holidays, but I typically buy pinks. I ordered a lip topper this past week, and fell in love with it. It actually smells so good. I apply it to the middle of my lips to make them appear larger.

I could go on for days talking about makeup products.  I'll leave it short and sweet and maybe go into more depth in the future. If you ladies are interested in  a makeup video let me know below. Comment on my last Instagram. I would love to do one.

I  just wanted to thank you all for the support during this time. I have a passion to blog. I believe one has to chase their dreams and do what truly moves them. that is what I am doing.  Some people have been really confused about what is going on with my Instagram and Foi.  Foi is still up and running. I am just taking a little transition time to get my another career started. There will be new arrivals next week.  I can't wait for you all to see them! If you aren't already, please follo2 Foi's new Instagram.

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