Sunday, March 5, 2017

Denim Skirt

 It is finally starting to get nice here in Omaha, and I am loving it. I really think that the cold is gone for good, but I sure hope I don't jinx it. I wore this denim skirt (which I will be wearing ALL Spring and Summer long) and I was so excited. I am so glad that denim skirts are making their way back. I love the look, and it can be styled so many ways. I paired it with the cutest open shoulder bodysuit with ruffle detail. It is so stretchy, comfy, and under $30!!
I feel like life has been so crazy lately, and I have been so behind on blog posts that it feels SO good to be catching up. Even though blogging is a side "job" for me,  I run Foi Clothing as my full time job + being a mom. It is a lot, but I really enjoy blogging. It was a little out of my comfort zone at first, and I was scared what people were going to say about me, but I put it all past me, and stopped overthinking it, and went on with doing what I enjoy doing. I read a quote one day, and it really stuck with me. It was, " The average millionaire just have one source of income" and this really helped motivate me to do what I love, and do it in multiple different avenues. I love being a busy person, but sometimes I can't do it all, so I try to make as much time as possible as I can for blogging, but sometimes it doesn't always happen. Being a mom is my number one priority, and I think it should always be that way. I am trying to create a "balance" and with that comes a routine which I think will help me juggle it all.
Anyways, we just booked a trip to Cabo, so I have been on a major hunt for new suits and cute vacation dresses. If you have any suggestions for swimwear, please send them my way. I feel like I am struggling a little bit. Zach and I were talking about vlogging our trip, and making a YouTube channel to put it on. I want a place where I can save Videos of Blakely, and share our family memories, and experiences. We will see though. Again, a little out of my comfort zone ;)

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