Thursday, March 23, 2017

Blakely's 6 Month Old Pictures

Where has the time gone? Blakely has gotten so big, and is developing ahead of what her doctors say she should be doing. She is crawling, talking, pulling herself up on things, and eating solids. She is such a smart little babe, and she doesn't get it from her parents ;) Just Kidding! We just love watching her grow every single day. Being a mom has changed my life completely. I love being her mom, and getting to stay home with her for a majority of the week is such a blessing. My mom watches her two days a week while I go into the office, and I work at home with her the other days. As a mom and business owner, I've had to learn a balance. It was really hard at first, and still is some days. Blakely is not a napper. If she naps, it is for 30 minutes, and PING, she is up, 30 minutes on the dot. This does make it a little harder to get things done, but somehow I figure it out. Anyways, I can't believe that I will be planning her 1 year old birthday party here in just a few short months, but for now, I am going to soak up this time while she is still little. I have had a lot of questions about the teepee, and I actually made it myself. I got all of the materials from Micheals. It was actually really easy to put together and fun to be a little crafty. The entire thing was only $40!! Ive linked B's outfit and shoes below.

Pictures were taken by: Taylor Wintle Photography


  1. beautiful pictures! my daughter just turned 6 months and i'd love to do something similar. where is this teepee and topper from?

  2. Where did you find those beautiful headbands? The one with the felt flowers?

  3. Hi there - would also love to know where you got that amazing headband. I am looking to something similar for my daughter's 1st birthday shoot.


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