Thursday, March 23, 2017

Blakely's 6 Month Old Pictures

Where has the time gone? Blakely has gotten so big, and is developing ahead of what her doctors say she should be doing. She is crawling, talking, pulling herself up on things, and eating solids. She is such a smart little babe, and she doesn't get it from her parents ;) Just Kidding! We just love watching her grow every single day. Being a mom has changed my life completely. I love being her mom, and getting to stay home with her for a majority of the week is such a blessing. My mom watches her two days a week while I go into the office, and I work at home with her the other days. As a mom and business owner, I've had to learn a balance. It was really hard at first, and still is some days. Blakely is not a napper. If she naps, it is for 30 minutes, and PING, she is up, 30 minutes on the dot. This does make it a little harder to get things done, but somehow I figure it out. Anyways, I can't believe that I will be planning her 1 year old birthday party here in just a few short months, but for now, I am going to soak up this time while she is still little. I have had a lot of questions about the teepee, and I actually made it myself. I got all of the materials from Micheals. It was actually really easy to put together and fun to be a little crafty. The entire thing was only $40!! Ive linked B's outfit and shoes below.

Pictures were taken by: Taylor Wintle Photography

Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Break Must Have List

We are heading to Cabo for Spring Break, and I pretty much need an entire new wardrobe. I was super preggo all last summer, so it is time for some new Spring/Summer clothes and accessories. I have rounded up some things I currently have my eye on. I just ordered this turquoise necklace. I feel like turquoise is such a perfect Summer color to wear with reds, white, and yellows. I linked this St. Tropez Self Tanner, and HOLY AMAZING! I just used it for the first time and it really is magical. No streaking, and it actually smells good! It was really so easy to use. I highly recommend this product for bikini season. Speaking of bikini season, I have really been trying to workout and eat healthy because I want to feel good in a swimsuit, but the ice cream just keeps calling my name. The sweets always get me. I have the biggest sweet tooth. I am planning on doing a fitness post here soon and what all I have been doing, so stay tuned for that fun new post. I have also linked of my other "vacation needs" that are not pictured! Hope you all are having a great week. This time change has us all out of our groove I feel like. I mean Blakely is still up when she should be sleeping, but I think its going to take a little bit of an adjustment. Its amazing how much one hour messes with your day.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Denim Skirt

 It is finally starting to get nice here in Omaha, and I am loving it. I really think that the cold is gone for good, but I sure hope I don't jinx it. I wore this denim skirt (which I will be wearing ALL Spring and Summer long) and I was so excited. I am so glad that denim skirts are making their way back. I love the look, and it can be styled so many ways. I paired it with the cutest open shoulder bodysuit with ruffle detail. It is so stretchy, comfy, and under $30!!
I feel like life has been so crazy lately, and I have been so behind on blog posts that it feels SO good to be catching up. Even though blogging is a side "job" for me,  I run Foi Clothing as my full time job + being a mom. It is a lot, but I really enjoy blogging. It was a little out of my comfort zone at first, and I was scared what people were going to say about me, but I put it all past me, and stopped overthinking it, and went on with doing what I enjoy doing. I read a quote one day, and it really stuck with me. It was, " The average millionaire just have one source of income" and this really helped motivate me to do what I love, and do it in multiple different avenues. I love being a busy person, but sometimes I can't do it all, so I try to make as much time as possible as I can for blogging, but sometimes it doesn't always happen. Being a mom is my number one priority, and I think it should always be that way. I am trying to create a "balance" and with that comes a routine which I think will help me juggle it all.
Anyways, we just booked a trip to Cabo, so I have been on a major hunt for new suits and cute vacation dresses. If you have any suggestions for swimwear, please send them my way. I feel like I am struggling a little bit. Zach and I were talking about vlogging our trip, and making a YouTube channel to put it on. I want a place where I can save Videos of Blakely, and share our family memories, and experiences. We will see though. Again, a little out of my comfort zone ;)

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