Monday, February 13, 2017

Blakey's 5 Month Recap

 You Guys.. this little girl is going to be 6 months old this week! I just want to cry. Where did that half a year go? She has grown so much this month and has developed quite a personality. She rolls all over the house, sits up, and LOVES to walk (with assistance, of course) but she is actually really good at it. I feel like she is going to be an early walker. This girl is our whole world. So much has changed since becoming parents. All great things of course, but it is amazing how much changes when you have a baby. You no longer worry about you, and it is all about your babies happiness. Zach and I really have not gotten out much with just us together because Blakely really relies on me, especially at night. I hope as she gets older, it gets easier to leave her, but if not, I will be by her side until we can go on date nights and not have to worry if she is freaking out back at home or not. Blakely is the LIGHTEST sleeper ever. She not only wakes up to every little thing, but it is also really hard to get her to sleep. She is not much of a napper during the day, so come bed time she crashes, but she still wakes up periodically throughout the night. I work from home most days, and I wish that she would nap so I could get things done, but I have learned to manage my time and try to get things done with her.
I am so obsessed with putting bows on her. Her hair has really started to grow, and pretty soon ill be needing clips but I recently found this new bow place, and we are obsessed. The quaility is amazing, and I love all of the prints. You can find her bows here. I highly recommend Ames and Oliva Baby.

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